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Hiring a virtual receptionist can be extremely beneficial in terms of the effectiveness and professional image of your company, while helping you to achieve significant savings by outsourcing.


Receptionist and customer service, both on site and by telephone or email, a virtual receptionist acts as a representative of a company. They are the first contact between the company and potential or existing customers; As well as your suppliers and members of your team. That said, hiring a skilled and efficient receptionist is a significant investment sometimes impossible for some companies. This is where hiring a virtual receptionist can be extremely beneficial in terms of the effectiveness and professional image of your company, while helping you to achieve significant savings by outsourcing.

The advantage of an automated or virtual receptionist to help your business

  1. Reduced price – The immediate benefit of an automated receptionist is reducing your expenses. Indeed, a virtual receptionist allows you to avoid hiring real agents. In addition, if your automated receptionist is part of your VoIP system, your features will be better integrated and you will be able to save more thanks to the reduced costs of IP telephony.
  2. Availability – With an automated receptionist, you will not have to worry about the availability of your agents. Since virtual receptionists can take a huge number of calls, your support line can help all calling customers. In addition, many clients will be redirected to the appropriate department by the automated receptionist, and others will not even need to speak to an agent. You can reduce the number of calls your agents need to take, thus freeing up your customer support.
  3. Image – Automated receptionists will give your business a more professional image. With a virtual receptionist, a small business does not have to worry about poor customer service. Customers will therefore be more comfortable to trust you. Like any other automated service, it is important to find a balance between automated receptionists and real agents, but you can nevertheless improve your customer service and your image through virtual receptionists.


Customer support is one of the most important elements of a company’s image. Since the majority of customers who call your support line have a problem to report, any weakness in your customer support could potentially cause you to lose a customer. Thus, your support line must be stable and open at all times. Here are three points explaining that an automated receptionist will help your business.


As an entrepreneur, you are continually in demand. Whether by phone or email, the presence of a virtual receptionist can help you manage your communications as well as deliver a consistent, professional message. Nothing better than a real voice on the other end of the line to answer incoming calls and redirect any requests or questions coming from outside the organization. We all agree that voicemail is a convenient tool, but it can also be inconvenient for your customers and hurting your service. The presence of a virtual receptionist ensures efficient customer service during and outside office hours; Enabling you to build your business and ensure its growth.


A virtual receptionist is not only an asset to add unprecedented vocal identity and professionalism to your business, but using these services is a great way to ensure outstanding efficiency that is hard to achieve alone. No more answers by email 4 days later or – horror – forgotten emails, voicemails not returned, conference calls failed because you did not have time to register them on your calendar. Hiring a virtual receptionist can ensure the smooth running of your business while you focus on your number one priority: build and manage your business.


Employment insurance, health insurance, vacation, sick leave, accessories and work equipment: these are all complementary costs to hiring a receptionist or assistant for your business. Not only can this reduce your profitability while offering similar customer service, but the time savings in hiring, training and supervising an on-site receptionist can play into the balance. In addition, using a virtual receptionist is a safe investment as it will be used to free up your time allocated to these tasks and to reinvest them in the tasks that are actually used to expand the organization. The services of a virtual receptionist are an asset for you and the growth of your business, not only in terms of costs, but also in terms of image and productivity. Make sure you find the right person to represent your company and the trick is played!

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