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Outsourcing the telephone receptionist reduces costs plain and simple!

The telephone receptionist is a real job. Subcontracting this task allows you to lose no calls, get a larger time range and convey a first impression of quality. Outsourcing the switchboard reduces costs, while focusing on the most important tasks. Since the telephone is a synchronous means of communication, it can quickly become time-consuming and take precedence over more urgent tasks.

What is a virtual telephone system?

It is well known that one can telephone with a fixed line telephone, the mobile telephone and other digital media as well as the computer. But what is a virtual telephone system and what are its advantages ?

Why virtual phone calls?

No matter if it is a small, medium or large company and in which industry you are active – without a telephone system you simply can not get out. It is used for communication with customers, suppliers and business partners, as well as internal communication in the company. Often it is a central system, to which all connections in different rooms with their respective call numbers and telephones are coupled. Classic telephone systems are purchased and set up by a supplier and usually have to be serviced. One device is required per user and this extension is usually connected by a technician when a new employee is hired. The telephone system can take time and money and become a problem if a defect exists.

As an alternative to this, virtual telephone systems have established themselves, which in Germany are still a new trend. They use the functionality of VoIP telephony in which the Internet is used for the transmission of calls. A virtual telephone system also makes use of the Internet and is connected to a software. A provider provides this telephone system and installs it as a rule. The greatest advantage of virtual telephone systems is the flexibility and simplicity. Only the use is on, no maintenance. If new employees are added or the company structure changes, a fast, uncomplicated connection to the internet-based telephone system is possible.

This is how IP telephone works with a virtual telephone system

In operation, they do not require any special hardware or servers, but only an Internet connection and a virtual telephone system (also called IP telephone system) for Internet telephony (IP telephony). The Internet connection should have as fast transmission rates, as it is the case, for example, with an SDSL or VDSL port, so that you can make calls smoothly. The operator (provider) uses IP networks and large servers to provide the virtual PBX. The VoIP telephone is connected via Ethernet cable to the company network and connected to the Internet router. The virtual telephone service is installed over the Internet in the browser, whereby the provider provides configuration tools with which customers, for example, can regulate the following aspects:

  • Call forwarding
  • New extensions
  • Manage phone numbers
  • Switch on answering machine
  • send a SMS
  • Listen to the messages
  • Upload announcements for queues
  • Manage melodies

The web interface is also often used to display the SIP access data, download a softphone, display active devices, and check the connection. Not only does this make the operation easier for the administrator – and for the employees with restricted access – but the virtual telephone system on the Internet also enables cost savings, eg in virtual cooperation with persons abroad. You only pay what you really use per side. If the VoIP telephone is once registered with the provider, one can irresistibly communicate with the user data virtual and inexpensive or even free of charge (within the company). Anyone who makes calls from the home office by telephone or mobile – even from abroad – can also access the virtual telephone system.

Reduce your Virtual Phone Costs

Our telephone system from the cloud allows a cost reduction of up to 61% for your company! Our modern telephony complete solution from the cloud saves your company the investment in a large, expensive and permanently installed telephone system.

  • All departments, company locations and field staff are networked with a single telephone system over the Internet and can make free calls among themselves!
  • Over 160 practical functions
  • Flexibly scalable extensions
  • No investment in hardware needed

Innovative : A single phone number for all devices. Easy integration of mobile devices via the Digitalphone Smartphone app.

Cheap : national mobile and fixed-line flatrate included. No high investment in infrastructure. Save up to 50% of your phone costs.

Flexible : Reserve or upgrade your extensions or licenses monthly. Easily integrate different sites, home offices and mobile devices.

Secure : Secure speech encryption and superior voice quality. Redundant data centers in Germany.

Comfortable : Low administrative overhead. Only a standard Internet connection required. Easy integration into existing infrastructure.

Virtual office with telephone number

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