Rent Office Space

Rent temporary office space by the hour, day, week, or month.

Rent a meeting room or office. The virtual office is therefore a good alternative for young entrepreneurs who do not have the financial resources to have an office lease as you can rent for any length of time. The rental of rooms is a booming market. Many buildings and hotels have rooms dedicated to professionals. These are comfortable, equipped and modular according to your activity and your needs. Whether you want to set up a meeting, a training or a seminar, the leasing allows you to calibrate your room according to your need. Moreover, the temporary office rental minimizes the costs by since you are not leasing a large office space.

The business center is located in the heart of Cerritos Los Angeles County. This cultural center is a very dynamic and lively area which is also remarkably well served by public transport and is close to several freeways. This location has shopping, dining, and many other services nearby.

Benefits of Renting a Temporary Office Space:

  • Fully equipped offices for the day, week, month, or more
  • Office are equipped and wired for high-speed Internet connection via fiber optic, shared color
  • Tailor-made : from the single office to the open plan office
  • Turnkey : this real estate solution is immediate without the constraints of a conventional lease
  • An all-inclusive price : rent, common and private charges, taxes, maintenance and cleaning, furniture, Internet access and network, subscription and telephone line, receptionist

Why choose a virtual office to rent?

Also called a temporary office , this solution is useful and meets a need for entrepreneurs who do not wish to reside in their business at their personal address. The virtual office is therefore a good alternative for young entrepreneurs who do not have the financial resources to rent a premises but wish to dissociate the activity from their company to their personal life.

Advantages of a Virtual Office vs Leasing

Virtual Office Lease
Daily, weekly, monthly contract 3 years minimum commercial lease
Immediate availability 3 to 6 months till move-in
Increase or reduce office space according to your needs Occupied area frozen by lease term
Small Deposit Bank deposit + security deposit 3 months
Furniture, fixtures and fittings provided Must Purchase Equipment
One Simple payment Many payments for many services
A professional Receptionist included Must Hire a Receptionist

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